Black Mold

Mold itself is harmful to the respiratory system. Black mold is toxic. Known as stachybotrys chartarum, this mold releases toxins that, when inhaled, cause problems neurologically and physically, leading to seizures, confusion and even bleeding in the lungs. Because of this, molds need to be removed from a property as soon as they become apparent in order to lessen their potential threat and save those on your property from potentially fatal health threats.

Unfortunately, molds easily grow on any surface in the right conditions. If there is visible growth on painted surfaces, the chances for extreme growth on the opposite side of the wall is extremely likely. This is because the differing environments between the outside and inside of the wall create a breeding ground for these harmful fungi, especially if there is a constant supply of moisture to feed the growth. When contamination reaches this level, only containing the space, removing moldy materials and cleaning the frame can rid you of the threat.

A&P Cleaning Services enlists certified professionals that have experience in dealing with black mold. Their training allows them to identify moisture surfaces, evaluate growth, contain the damage, remove contamination and thoroughly dry the area to prevent any further spread or a future return. They can also recommend or perform procedures that restore a property back to a pre-mold condition. Call us today before the damage become irreparable.